Due to an increasing Australia wide demand for our EAP services we are currently looking for state franchisees to help manage the delivery of our EAP services throughout the various Australian states.

We are looking for highly motivated professionals who have a strong interest and experience in the delivery of EAP services.

Prospective individuals, or groups, may be psychologists, or other professionals who have a very strong commitment to the professional delivery of such services.

Franchisees will be required to co-ordinate the delivery of EAP services throughout their state, including liaising with other practitioners and employers.

Kindly email initial expression of interest detailing your experience in the delivery of EAP services marked "Franchise" to: admin@employeeassistanceprogramme.com.au


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Employee Assistance Program Australia (EAP) aims to ensure that all Australian workers who experience mental health and other well-being issues are supported, and that they work within positive workplace cultures that are conducive to their


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In Australia one in five adults or 3.2 million individuals will experience a mental health difficulty in any one year, with nearly 50% of the adult population experiencing a mental health difficulty at some point in


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Employee Assistance Program Australia (EAP) aims to encourage Australian workplaces to take active steps to create mentally healthy workplaces and for their workers to be able to access appropriate services which will promote