Employee Assistance Program Australia

Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program Australia. EAP Australia is an efficient & cost effective Australia wide counselling & support service provided by employers to assist with their employees mental health & psychological wellbeing. EAP Australia is the best practice model of care.


Services are provided by professional practitioners able to provide both short-term & long-term counselling to assist with work-related & personal mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma & grief. We have over 200 registered practitioners Australia wide providing face to face counselling in accordance with professional guidelines & we are quickly becoming the number one EAP service provider in Australia.


If you are unable to see a face to face practitioner you are able to access phone counselling and to speak with one of our experienced phone counsellors. Our phone counselling Helpline can be obtained from your employer.


Accessing the Employee Assistance Program

To access services employees simply enter their employer registered company name & postcode in the search page & then select the services they are seeking & a list of appropriately qualified professional practitioners is immediately forwarded by email. The employee then contacts the practitioner of their choice to arrange an initial free consultation to discuss their needs & other relevant issues. If for some reason there is no practitioner within your geographic region ask your employer for our phone counselling number to speak with one of our experienced phone counsellors. 

1.    Go to employeeassistanceprogramme.com.au
2.    Enter employers name & postcode
3.    Enter details 
4.    Ensure you enter your residential postcode & submit
5.    Enter you email address
6.    Contact practitioner
7.    Print referral form prior to appointment
8.    If no practitioner is found in your geographic area please contact us for phone counselling


Employer Registration


Employers can register for EAP services simply by completing the online Employer Registration below or by contacting us for an invoice. The annual employer registration fee is capped at $1,100 irrespective of the number of employees or the number of services sought by employees & this fee also includes a total of 10 hours of phone counselling.


Employers during the registration process are able to nominate the number of consultations they are prepared to fund at a fixed rate of $85.00 per session. Most employers chose to fund 3-5 sessions to provide immediate short-term intervention.




Employees are able to access services online immediately after this employer registration is completed & employers are encouraged to promptly provide our website address to their employees. Employees simply go to the Search Page and enter their employer's exact company name & postcode to begin the process.




Professional face to face practitioners must be registered with Medicare, experienced in the delivery of EAP services and prepared to operate under our terms and conditions (please see Practitioner Registration page) can register their expression of interest in the delivery of services by completing the Practitioner Registration below. Upon being contacted by an employee please first email us for further direction & advice at: admin@employeeassistanceprogramme.com.au




All face to face practitioners operate under their professional Code of Practice including confidentiality & no personal information about an employee is shared with any third party unless authorized by the client. Confidentiality is further ensured as the referral process is online & fully automated.


If you have any further questions or require any further clarification regarding our services please do not hesitate in contacting us by email.


Kindly select Employee Information, Employer Registration or Practitioner Registration below.



If the Employee Assistance Programme does not meet your company needs you may wish to consider one of the following: 




EapAssist provides employees with confidential phone counselling support 24/7 Australia wide. Research indicates that the most crucial aspect of effective assistance is for it to be provided as quickly as possible & that employees prefer telephone counselling above all other mediums. The aim of EapAssist counselling is to resolve both work & personal problems before they impact adversely on work performance & general well-being.



EapProgram allows employers to simply & easily purchase the number of EAP telephone consultations when they need them & which employees can access immediately 24/7 Australia wide. This is an extremely cost effective & efficient model delivering EAP services as & when they are required with all counselling services delivered by experienced counsellors.

The Employee Assistance Programme is proud to be a member of: eap.org.au  

Employee Information

Employee Assistance Program Australia (EAP) aims to ensure that all Australian workers who experience mental health and other well-being issues are supported, and that they work within positive workplace cultures that are conducive to their


Employer Registration

In Australia one in five adults or 3.2 million individuals will experience a mental health difficulty in any one year, with nearly 50% of the adult population experiencing a mental health difficulty at some point in


Practitioner Registration

Employee Assistance Program Australia (EAP) aims to encourage Australian workplaces to take active steps to create mentally healthy workplaces and for their workers to be able to access appropriate services which will promote